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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 22, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for great videos, we have today's best for you, "right this minute." a hot head threatens to run a guy over. >> and he wasn't lying. >> see the nasty case of road rage and meet the walking miracle who survived it. amazing footage of hot lava also shows -- >> what looks like lightning. >> the rare volcano phenomenon captured on video. ever see a turkey stuffed in slow-motion? what about a burning match? >> very cool stuff. >> now the wizard of
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ultraslow-mo shows us what blew even his mind. >> the biggest surprise to me was the ladybug. it is the coolest thing. and a bear on the loose has people panicked. but -- >> that's not a real bear at all. >> see what happens when you prank the wrong people. >> oh. the whole lot of bad behavior going on behind laura's adult video store outside of charlotte, north carolina. all caught on surveillance camera. according to reports, that's robert glen and the co-owner of laura's adult video store said that he was stumbling around the parking lot and behaving erratically. so, the co-owner of the store decided to confront this guy and say, hey, i don't think it's a good idea for you to get in your car and get behind the wheel. >> he was being very boisterous and cussing and being unruly. >> spoke to herbert michael bart
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about this incident. >> i said he couldn't leave, that he needed to wait for the police and he proceeded to tell me i'll run you over. >> and then did this. >> ooh! >> he ran him down! >> he ran him down completely as bart was saying stop, no, he was saying i'm heading out and did run over bart and bart realized as soon as he hit the ground that he was injured. in fact, emergency vehicles did arrive on scene and transport him to the hospital. he was treated and released. he is doing okay. but it turns out bland was potentially intoxicated when he got behind the wheel. police later caught up with bland. they did charge him with dwi, but beyond that because of what police saw in this video, bland now is charged with attempted first-degree murder. >> wow. >> that's pretty serious. i mean, this guy was just trying to do the right thing, you know? he was just an innocent bystander really telling this guy not to drive. don't ever stand in front of somebody's vehicle. you don't know that person. you don't know especially if you
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suspect them to be intoxicated. that's a dangerous place to put yourself. it's pretty fascinating, rare phenomenon, volcanic activity was captured on video and it's going to blow your mind. this is mt. cinnabon that's in indonesia and this is one of the many eruptions that this volcano has experienced since september. it's a pyroclastic flow which means it's a very explosive eruption. it has covered thousands of feet in the radius of this volcano forcing people to be evacuated more than 20,000 people have been displaced because of this. it is an incredibly dangerous eruption. >> wow, look at that. it's, like, the cloud is getting sucked into the heat. >> yeah. it was spewing ashes almost 16,000 feet into the air. but this is the phenomenon i'm talking about. do you see that? it looks like a lightning storm inside the ash cloud. >> that is exactly what you're seeing.
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that is volcanic lightning. it's not entirely clear what exactly causes the lightning, but the theory is that the eruptions are so powerful that they produce a very large amount of electrical charge as the lava is being erupted. and that is the moment that that energy is released, creating what looks like lightning. >> that's unbelievable. it's awesome. >> volcanic lightning sounds like an energy drink or the way that a superhero is created. >> right? it's amazing. there's so many things happening in this moment that we've seen it before, but it is incredibly rare. it wasn't a quick trip to the atm for this woman in england. police are on the lookout for a man who held her up at knifepoint. notice this guy comes in. he's got a hoodie on, his face is partially covered and he's got a six-inch serrated knife
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and he's holding her up. there she is obviously scared backing up and holding her hand up. he's telling her i want you to get 100 pounds out of this atm and give it to him. she's up there hitting buttons and she's talking to him. >> this is a long time. anybody could have walked up to this vestibule here and noticed what's going down. >> eventually she does give him the money. according to police he told her wait a second or two before you leave because he obviously wants to take off and make his getaway. they're still looking for this guy. they think he's about six feet tall but as you can see you didn't get that good look at him just this part of his face. >> it's terrifying, you have to really, really be aware of your surroundings at all times. this pawn shop in wind sor, canada is on the lookout for this guy and he starts walking around like he owns the place. he doesn't own the place nor does he own the dj kit that he
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stole once he gave the phone back. >> people always do this, they act, like, they're on the phone to seem inconspicuous as a did a distraction. >> are police looking for this guy and hoping they find this guy? you get a pretty good shot of his face and he's got pretty distinctive clothing on. he left his fingerprints all over the phone. it seems like they should find him quickly. the internet is filled with super awesome slow-motion videos. we know that. we see a lot of them on the show, but if you want to, like, you know, have one-stop shopping for your slow-mo fix, head to the ultraslow youtube channel, the latest from that channel this. a match head burning in slow-motion. 4,000 frames per second. that's slow. >> it looks like it's got pus coming out of it. >> if i didn't know it was a match head i'm not sure i would be able to tell. >> it's, like, an alien pod.
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that grows forth from the inside. >> it does look very sci-fi. >> the ultraslow-mo youtube channel is produced by allen pitel and he has awesome slow-motion videos and this one he calls the most popular slow-motion water balloon shot. he's got some awesome lightning in slow-motion. he's got an awesome firecracker video in slow-motion just very cool stuff. you actually see allen, slow-motion jumping into a pool and he's joining us "right this minute" from his little workshop there in long island, new york. you've been doing this for a really long time, right? like, before youtube even was around. >> we filmed the winter olympics in 1988 and we had the first helmet cam, the first miniature cameras ever built. the first miniature camera cost $1.2 million. >> times have changed it seems. >> they have changed and the picture size. we branched out and we did
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football and skating and tennis. sort of the first ones in all of those. >> we watch internet videos all day long and we see a lot of slow-motion videos from, like, the slow-mo guys and other youtubers, if it wasn't for you, would they be around? i would like to say i did it. but, no, i was clearly the leader. i was out there first, you know, my first slow-motion videos were way back in the beginning of youtube. >> was there anything that you shot in slow-motion that completely surprised you as to how it works? >> the biggest surprise to me was a ladybug. everyone thinks the orange shell that flaps and away they go. well, they crack that shell open and it opens sort of like lamborghini doors. the wings are folded three times and so they unfold once and they unfold again and they lock themselves in and then they take off. it is the coolest thing. >> i understand you've also been the recipient of some pretty serious awards for your work.
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>> what i got? he's planning to sing a popular hit to pop the question. only problem is -- ♪ that i first saw >> i don't sing that well. >> but see how a little help has him hitting all the right notes. and this dude takes on the cinnamon challenge like a champ. >> you okay? >> uh-huh. >> oh, my gosh. >> see what makes him the ultimate cinnamon dragon slayer. >> dude, you just won the internet!
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this video was shot back in december while everybody was getting ready for christmas. but shawn, the guy we see in this video, was getting ready for a very different, very special occasion. >> today i'm going to propose to my girlfriend angie. we're going to transform this space into a snowy winter wobblederland. >> he got a bunch of his friends to create a winter wonderland in this backyard. they are putting up the christmas trees and using the fake snow. >> if there's no snow, how do they make it? >> they do put a sound system out there, lights, even mistletoe. >> he wanted to sing his girlfriend's favorite song "the ckst" by that well,
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luckily i have help. it auto tunes your voice. >>ive this got go pro cameras everywhere. everything is set. now here's angie showing up to the house. >> you're kidding. >> in the background he's showing some of the pictures. ♪ >> it's like a karaoke bar. >> it's karaoke with auto tunes. >> why not help this guy out. >> even though he can't sing he was brave enough to sing his girl's favorite song. >> will you marry me? >> of course. >> while she says yes, they kiss and all the friends come back out to celebrate. they pop the champagne. way to go! don't you want to know what the animals are saying, kay jon stewart has figured it out, he's a professional squirrel translator and this video is going viral. >> squirrel sitting on your
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porch thank you very much for giving me the delicious walnuts. i'm a nice person and i'll be sure to come back tomorrow to get some more. you're the favorite person in the neighborhood, like, like you, love you. >> he translates at the speed that ramon is talking. >> i'm a little squirrel sitting a your porch and thank you for giving meet the little walnuts. >> i was skeptical when you introduced the video. now i'm a believer. >> you are a nice person and i'll be sure to come back and get some more tomorrow and you're the favorite person in the neighborhood. >> if you like this video, you can get t-shirts and cups and all kinds of stuff. >> i like you, like you, love you. i want to introduce you to simpson, he's a house dog and not a guard dog as you will see evidence in this video. sampson simpson's owner's coming home. sampson is not coming to the door. not caring that somebody has walked into the house. >> come here! hey, come here.
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samp! >> finally sampson makes an appearance. he just pokes his head around, like, is it okay? is it safe? >> hi, buddy. >> he finally gets it together. guess what's back, guys? the cinnamon challenge. an older internet trend where you're challenged to take a giant spoonful of cinnamon and try to swallow it down and it's called the cinnamon dragon by most people because they end up spraying it out of their nose and mouth and cough and make a mess. this guy in the beanie, they call him slob. you can see he does have a giant spoonful of cinnamon. >> slob, yeah. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> oh, oh, oh, oh. >> his friends are dieing in the background. >> you okay? >> uh-huh. >> his buddies little thumbs-up and he's still working the cinnamon in his mouth. >> he did it.
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>> no way. >> no? >> you do it. >> do it. >> you are a giant among men. >> no. no, way. >> yo he just beat the cinnamon challenge. >> slob actually won the cinnamon challenge. i think his friends say it best. >> dude, you just won the internet. >> i think it's true. he won the internet. >> unless we are being duped, like, a spoon full of ice tea or something but it looks legit. they were all laughing so much it seems like they were ready for him to, you know, spew it out of his mouth or whatever and then that never happened. >> yeah. but if he won the internet, that means we can never show another cinnamon challenge again. >> exactly. it doesn't seem as impressive now because slob has done it. why can't you guys do it, slob can. >> it's still funny to see it come out of people's nose. when life gives you an ice storm, make ice art. >> it was beautiful at least in
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the eyes of one photographer. >> see how he captured the beauty from the aftermath. and dude gets hit on by two women. >> he's probably thinking, i let these girls punch me in the face they're totally going to be into me, right? >> see how he's a real knockout with the ladies. >> three, two, one!
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the icy frigid temperatures of 2013-2014 created quite a
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weather mess. to most it was very ugly, but it was beautiful at least in the eyes of one photographer. based in toronto, this is the work of gavin of sun chaser pictures as he found beauty in the ice that covered erything up in toronto. created lotyou see the ice that down lots of different tree branches and created damage around his neighborhood, but he thought it was quite beautiful and captured that beauty in the different time lapses. >> it's strange to use the term beauty as you see destruction, but you also can once you hear the term figure out why he saw the beauty in it because it really is in the eye of the beholder. >> when you see a holiday card with all that ice on it, it looks so beautiful but you don't know the backstory of what it takes to get all that ice everywhere. >> of course, time lapses take time to shoot so he's out there in the cold trying to get these beautiful images, but the ice creating a blue globe around lots of things and even ka li
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kaleidoscopes with the different shots and it's interesting to see the headlights and taillights of the cars going by and all the branches encased in crystal clear ice. >> looks like jewels. >> he put this video together and i agree with him it's something you don't normally see and it's quite beautiful. >> do you notice he makes traffic look beautiful? >> traffic, frigid conditions, ice. makes it all look quite nice. >> there's beauty in everything if you're just willing to see it. the morning after a wild party it's always kind of fun to recap, like, the weird stuff that happened in 1984, did brad let us draw all over his face last night? the morning after had to be p t pretty interesting for this guy, did i let two girls box me in the face with boxing gloves. that seems to be the scenario he's gotten himself in. i feel like the combined force would pop his head like a zit.
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>> hmm, pop his head like a zi to or -- >> three, two, one! >> oh! wow. the girls really punched him. they punched him hard! >> after getting a left from one girl and a right from the other -- >> yeah. it looks like his head snapped into the second punch. he had no chance. >> oh! >> it doesn't look like he's moving at first but you can see his leg kind of moving there in the background. >> he twitches. >> he's dead. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> oh, [ bleep ]! >> you knocked him [ bleep ] the [ bleep ] out! >> knocked the [ bleep ] out! >> insult to injury they say the dude was fine eventually after this. no serious injury. >> that's pretty horrible that they knocked him out and then laughed at him. you can't laugh at the guy passed out on the floor from a punch. >> well, he did offer himself up to do this. >> i didn't say it was smart. >> i kind of don't feel any
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remorse for this guy. >> all of this is just wrong on a lot of levels. >> it's awesome. >> oh! deep in the woods sits a bear and a prankster causing a fright. >> you see the bear starts moving and starts charging at him. >> see how they have people running scared. [uncle]this is hopscotch,okay?
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uncle go one,two,one,two,one two,one. [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin.
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aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. three, two, one. buzzer beater time. high school basketball. a couple seconds left on the clock. keep your eyes on number 11. the length of the court. and watch that again. it's all, like, one fluid motion. he gets the rebound, comes down in one step just chucks the ball and you saw what happened. the thing went right in. >> the best part is the crowd goes nuts. his teammates pick him up and body slam him on the ground. they are celebrating like they won the game but it was the end of the third quarter and they
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were already up 29 points so this took them up 32, kind of insult to injury you could say. they play for riverbank high school. and they are playing their rivals ripon high school and a 32-point lead going into the fourth quarter sealed this victory. >> your rival team, like, you get bragging rights for, like, the rest of your life if you do that. puppy playing the balloon game. ♪ if you encounter a bear out in the wild, you should probably stay away from it. >> yeah. >> yeah. probably a good idea. this guy decided he wanted to get a picture with it. you see the bear right here right behind him? >> that is a dumb move. those things are quick.
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>> this guy decides to get closer to get a really good shot because the bear doesn't really seem to be moving much, right? you can see it there. and then once it gets close, you see the bear starts moving and starts charging at him. but everybody starts cracking up because that's not a real bear at all. >> really? >> you. >> it's a prank? >> it's a prank. >> it's a dude in a suit? >> a dude in a suit. a really bad bear suit. >> oh, but there's strangers walking down this road and they don't know. >> right, yeah. this is a prank. for this in finland, the bear hides so when people are walking by, he charges and lunges at them. >> the dog is, oh, run! >> look at horrible that costume is. >> you don't need to be good, though, all you want is the first split-second moment to just freak them out. >> right. >> goal. >> and you see them moving you're not going to assess it. >> it's not human, it's furry, i'm scared.
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i'm gone. i can't say that everybody did exactly what you're not supposed to do, you're supposed to turn at them and fails them and go arrg! make yourself bigging and ingi imposing. >> police finally spots them. >> are they throwing snowballs at him? >> oh, exactly. >> freaking out. are you kidding me? i love that he actually -- in the costume. i got to say that's the best part of the video. that's our show, everybody. we'll you see for the next edition of "right this minute."
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